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Pocket Money Game - Designed in Melbourne- Board Game


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This fantastic game is recommended for 5+ and teaches children important concepts about money. 

Pocket Money is a fun game that teaches children important concepts about money. It provides them with opportunities to use coins & notes to purchase items and give change. It introduces the concept that money is earned and exchanged for goods. GOAL is to be the first to win $50.00.





Recognise, describe and order Australian coins according to their value (ACMNA017)

Showing that coins are different in other countries by comparing Asian coins to Australian coins

Understanding that the value of Australian coins is not related to size

Describing the features of coins that make it possible to identify them



Count and order small collections of Australian coins and notes according to their value (ACMNA034)

Identifying equivalent values in collections of coins or notes, such as two five-cent coins having the same value as one 10-cent coin

Counting collections of coins or notes to make up a particular value, such as that shown on a price tag



Represent money values in multiple ways and count the change required for simple transactions to the nearest five cents (ACMNA059)

Recognising the relationship between dollars and cents, and that not all countries use these denominations and divisions (for example Japanese Yen)



Solve problems involving purchases and the calculation of change to the nearest five cents with and without digital technologies (ACMNA080)

Recognising that not all countries use dollars and cents, eg India uses rupees.

Carrying out calculations in another currency as well as in dollars and cents, and identifying both as decimal systems

Each set includes:
1 Board Game (502 x 502mm)
70 Coins 
12 -  $5 Notes & 12 - $10 Notes, 
4 Game Tokens 
1 Six-sided Dot Die
Teacher’s Guide



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