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Magnetic Rewards Charts

Pleaseeeeee get ready we are leaving in 5 minutes!!! 

Yes as parents we will all enjoy this fun time :-P   1st child, you find yourself getting a little frustrated and you end up putting their socks and shoes on... even though you know they can do it, it's just quicker and easier.  ADD MORE CHILDREN and life becomes just a little more crazy. Especially if you have children which struggle and really need the help of a routine. 

Introducing some absolutely awesome reward charts all designed by Australian mums. 

From basic toilet training magnetic rewards charts, to magnetic reward charts for kinder age children and then to more detailed rewards charts for primary school which includes calendars.   For those that have mastered getting themselves ready we move on to helping around the house. It could be a pocket money rewards chart or perhaps a chores rewards chart, just depends upon your family and how you see jobs around the house. 

Pocket money is a great incentive and a fun way to learn about money and responsibility, whereas the Chores Chart is about helping around the house because we are all working together as a family unit.

I hope you will love this collection I've put together.  I've also included some awesome sand timers as they have worked a treat in my house. xxx Helen