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You made it! Welcome to our BRAND NEW online store!

We would dearly LOVE your feedback.  Over the coming weeks we will continue to make tweaks and changes to our new store and there will certainly be room for improvement along the way. 

Major changes you find are:-

  • Login - a fantastic way of keeping track of your orders
  • GST - is now built into the price and shown at checkout
  • Shipping and Collection - there are now multiple options at checkout for delivery / pickup
  • Retain your shopping cart - for those customers that decide to set up an account, products placed in your shopping cart will remain in your cart, should you get distracted or your phone runs out of battery life. 
  • Hot product (every now and then one of our FB posts goes crazy and everyone wants a certain product) - warning, the product is only yours once checkout and payment is finalised
  • Mobile friendly - yes I can see you smiling already
  • MANY MORE little surprises......

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