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Bug Spotter Kit


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Explore Nature with the Bug Spotter Kit: A Must-Have for Young Explorers!

Turn your child's fascination with the little creatures of the garden into a fun learning experience with our Bug Spotter Kit. Perfect for encouraging kids to step away from screens and delve into the green outdoors, this kit is designed for safe and engaging observation of bugs and mini-beasts.

Key features of the Bug Spotter Kit include:

  • A durable bug spotter container with dual magnification lid (2x and 5x) for detailed observation.
  • A scale grid at the base for accurate measurement of critters.
  • Ventilation holes around the lid to ensure a breathable environment for bugs.

The adventure doesn't stop there! Each kit also comes with a 36-page spiral bound Bug Spotter Handbook, filled with interesting bug facts, tips, and activities, accompanied by beautiful illustrations. A pencil is included for noting down observations or sketching the bugs.

Included in each kit:

  • 1 bug spotter with dual magnification
  • 1 beautifully illustrated bug spotter handbook
  • 1 pencil for note-taking and sketching

This Bug Spotter Kit is an excellent addition to our Outdoor Activity Set, providing hours of educational and interactive fun. It's perfect for budding entomologists, nature lovers, or any child eager to learn more about the fascinating world of insects. Suitable for children who are ready to explore and learn about the tiny creatures that inhabit our world!

Age 3+

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