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Throw Throw Burrito - Card Game


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Get ready to dodge, duck, and dive your way to victory with Throw Throw Burrito - the ultimate game of foam burrito flinging fun! This game takes the classic card game and adds a whole new level of excitement by incorporating soft, squishy burritos that you get to throw at your opponents!

Players take turns drawing cards, with each card determining whether you collect points, lose points, or engage in an all-out burrito battle. But watch out - when someone plays a "Burrito Bash" card, it's time to grab a burrito from the center of the table and launch it at your opponents! Be quick on your feet and keep your eyes peeled, because you never know when a flying burrito is headed your way.

With hilarious illustrations and fast-paced gameplay, Throw Throw Burrito is perfect for family game night, parties, or just some silly fun with friends. So what are you waiting for? Grab a burrito, gather your friends, and get ready to throw down in the wackiest game of dodgeball you've ever played!

Suitable for  2–6 players

Recommended ages 6+


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