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Stacking Apple & Pear


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Discover the Joy of Learning with Our Silicone Stacking Apple & Pear Set! This unique stacking toy adds a fruity twist to traditional play. Featuring five colorful pieces in assorted sizes, children can assemble them into delightful apple and pear shapes. Beyond stacking, these pieces serve as gentle teethers to soothe little ones' sore gums.

Crafted from 100% silicone, this set is a top choice for eco-conscious parents. Silicone is not only sustainable but also non-toxic, durable, stain-resistant, and simple to clean. Engage your child in play that's safe for them and the environment.

Stacking toys like our Apple & Pear set are more than fun; they're instrumental in early childhood development. They enhance hand-eye coordination and fine-tune both fine and gross motor skills.

Easy to maintain, just clean with warm water and mild soap. Choose our Silicone Stacking Apple & Pear Set for a safer, more sustainable, and developmentally beneficial playtime. #EcoFriendlyPlay #SiliconeStackers #DevelopmentalToys



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