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Orchard Toys - Bus Stop - Board Game


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🚌🌟 Hop on Board with Orchard Game Bus Stop! ğŸŽ²ğŸ“š

This delightful board game, recommended by local teachers for its outstanding educational value, makes learning addition and subtraction fun and engaging. Kids LOVE the excitement of counting passengers on and off their big bright bus as they move around the board with two dice. The winner is the player with the most passengers when their bus finally arrives at the bus station. Perfect for ages 4-8 and for 2-4 players, it's a must-have for fun family game nights and educational playtime.

Key Features:

  • Educational Value: Enhances addition and subtraction skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • Teacher Recommended: Endorsed by local educators for its educational benefits.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Count passengers on and off the bus to keep kids actively involved.
  • Competitive Fun: The player with the most passengers at the bus station wins.
  • Age Appropriate: Ideal for children aged 4-8 years.
  • Multiplayer: Suitable for 2-4 players, perfect for family game nights.

Product Details:

  • Game Type: Board game focusing on addition and subtraction
  • Objective: Count passengers to win
  • Players: 2-4
  • Age Range: Suitable for ages 4-8 years

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