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My Calendar - Magnetic


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Introduce your child to the exciting Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Small My Calendar, the ultimate interactive daily activity that makes learning about time and weather engaging and enjoyable. Perfect for mastering the days of the week, months of the year, and weather patterns, this easy-to-use magnetic calendar is both an educational tool and a fun toy.

With My Magnetic Calendar, children are encouraged to arrange the months in order, update the day and date regularly, and become little meteorologists as they track and record the changing weather. Not only does it serve as an interactive learning aid, but it also adds a vibrant touch of decoration to any bedroom, playroom, or classroom wall. It's not just for kids; adults love this calendar too, often featuring it as a central showpiece in the kitchen for the whole family to interact with.

Start each day with excitement as children eagerly change the date and give their weather predictions using the beautifully illustrated magnetic pieces. The calendar is designed to be fully engaging with over 40 magnetic pieces:

  • Colour-coded months to signify different seasons
  • Easily movable pieces for daily updates
  • Bright, colourful design to enliven any space
  • Full magnetic backing for easy placement on fridges or walls

With dimensions of 18 x 1 x 25.5cm, this compact yet visible size ensures it fits well in any space. The Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Small My Calendar is more than just a tool for learning; it's a daily ritual that brings joy and a sense of responsibility to children while enhancing their understanding of time and weather. Dive into this interactive learning experience and brighten your daily routine.

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