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My Toilet Chart


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Designed to reward and encourage children learning to use the toilet.

The child can move the goal tile down once the task is completed and receive a star for each goal successfully accomplished.

Reward Chart Includes:
* Durable A4 magnetic base sheet
* 35 picture tiles with bright and fun images to help achieve the steps to using the toilet

My Toilet Chart
o Including reward stars, reward balloons and 10 goals.
o Professionally die cut on a thick quality magnet
* Coloured information sheet on A4 gloss paper including suggestions for use.
* 50 stickers as a reward for the child to keep.

Magnetic Moves Charts offer several unique features:

Move your magnets:
* Children are encouraged to interact with their chart by moving their magnets once a task is completed. This facilitates independence and fosters a sense of autonomy and control over daily events. It also helps younger children transition between activities.

Reward stars included:
* Reward star magnets allow parents to use the charts as an avenue for acknowledging good behaviours
* Incorporating them with the chart can motivate children to work through their routines or activities. However parents can choose to use the rewards for other behaviours which may not be related to the activity charts.

* Each child is different and so each chart can be customised to outline the events of their day and to include aspects of routine activities which children may require guidance with.

Gender neutral:
* Each chart depicts both boys and girls, meaning you don’t need a “girl” chart and a “boy” chart.

Magnetic Moves was started in 2009 by sisters Joanne and Robyn. They are mothers to 7 children between them and Robyn is also an Occupational Therapist.

Magnetic Moves grew out of a discussion about how to manage busy homes, and help kids develop independence throughout the day. Jo was also looking for ways to help her child with sensory processing issues stay calm during times of transition and to know what to expect in his day.


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