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Marble Maze


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These Marble Mazes will keep hands very busy! The aim is to move the enclosed marble from the start of the maze to the end, using your fingers to manipulate the marble throughout. Fantastic for fine motor and co-ordination skills, there are 4 different maze patterns that have start and finish points, are made with no 'dead ends', so there is no wrong way through the maze, and are very achievable to finish. The mazes are made with one side of patterned fabric and the other side with plain fabric, using a contrasting colour thread to help those who need a visual cue as to which direction for the next turn in the maze. As these marble mazes make no noise, they are great as a fidget toy and work quite well in environments such as school, church, on an airplane or in a waiting room.

Marble mazes have been used in many mainstream school settings and attached under the desk or used in group floor time so the child can self-regulate while they pay attention to the teacher speaking, and not disrupt the class in the meantime. To make it a little more challenging, the maze can be done in front of a mirror so the child has to look at the reflection of the maze while completing it, you can immerse it underwater while pushing it through, as well as wet the marble maze, then squeeze out the excess water and try to manipulate it through with the material wet for extra resistance.

Approx. 17/18cm x 22/23cm

Please note that the print placement may vary with this design from photo shown. The marble is sewn securely inside using double stitching.

WARNING: It is recommended that these marble mazes not be used with children under the age of three as they have small parts that could present as a choking hazard. Please supervise your child when using these.

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