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Mantis - A Card Game From Exploding Kittens


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Welcome to Mantis, the exciting card game brought to you by the creative minds at Exploding Kittens!

In this game, you'll be the leader of a band of hungry praying mantises, ready to take down any unsuspecting prey that comes your way. With your powerful mantis army at your command, you'll be hunting down all kinds of insects, from lowly beetles to giant spiders and scorpions!

But beware, your opponents are also on the hunt, and they're not afraid to use their own deadly tactics to take you down. So, you'll need to be cunning and strategic to outmaneuver them and become the ultimate mantis master!

With easy-to-learn gameplay and hilarious insect-themed illustrations, Mantis is the perfect game for all ages. So gather your friends and family, and get ready to unleash your inner insect in this thrilling and wacky adventure!

Ages 7+
2-6 Players

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