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Long & Evie Mei - Neem Oil Purifying Body Soap

Long & Evie Mei - Neem Oil Purifying Body Soap


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Neem Oil Purifying Body Soap 117gms

After washing with a Neem oil soap bar, the mozzies are likely to steer clear from you! They don't like the smell of Neem!!

Neem Oil has a garlicky and earthy smell. So why use Neem oil for soap? It is because the smell of Neem survived through saponification. It naturally scented a plain bar of soap with properties that acted like insects repellent. Neem is naturally antispectic and restores skin elasticity.

Each soap bar is wrapped in printed paper, tied with brown string.

Ingredients - Saponified *Neem, Castor, *Virgin Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive & Sunflower Oils; Shea Butter & purified Water

*Certified Organic

Our Australian Camel Milk Soap is carefully curated using the fine ingredients, ensuring a gentle product, nurturing and perfect for all skin types.

Essentially, its using fatty acid compostion closely resembles human skin lipids; and has higher oleic acid, which provides excellent hydration.

A rich array of vitamins, minerals and proteins provive addtional benefits that help nourish and rejuvenate the skin. When nutrients are combined with rustic design, creates a truly exceptional shower experience that will leave you skin feeling refreshed, moisturized and radiant


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