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Reusable Mini string  bags - 2 pack

Reusable Mini string bags - 2 pack


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Our Mini String bags are amazing light, soft and almost fluffy textured bags are made specifically for little ones. They are as versatile as a child's imagination.

25 x 30cm

Hold up to 2.5kgUses:
- a gift bag
- a shoulder bag, hand bag or backpack
- shopping helper's fruit and veggie bag
- a Papoose for dolls (backwards backpack)
- treasure bag when out on adventures
- pocket bag (scrunches small to fit in a pocket)

Our Mini String bag is soft and light but capable of carrying up to 1.0 kilos of produce like apples, carrots or stone-fruit. This bag is ideal for produce not being stored in the fridge such as tomatoes, avocados, oranges, apples. This bag can be used in many other ways, especially for children. Not suitable for anything with spiky ends.

GREAT TO NATURALLY DYE WITH KIDS using home made plant dyes from ground turmeric, beetroot, spinach or grass juice or red/brown onion skins. 

These mini string bags are packaged in recycled cotton paper and make a wonderful gift.

GOTS Certified Organic - Packaging made from recycled paper

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