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Kaiko - The Detonator A Press, Roll & Twist Fidget


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Introducing the Deteonator: An Innovative Sensory and Fidget Tool!

Engineered for comfort and discreet use, the Deteonator is designed to nestle perfectly between your pointer and middle fingers. Utilize your thumb to quietly roll or click the roller component, offering a subtle, soothing activity with minimal noise.

The real innovation lies in its textured base. When placed against the skin, such as the inner arm or palm, it can be twisted for intense sensory feedback or used as a gentle 'ouch' stimulator. Its design also allows for picking and scratching, serving as a harm minimization tool and adding another layer of tactile experience.

Crafted from durable stainless steel, the Deteonator has a satisfying 50-gram weight, making it a substantial yet portable accessory. Each unit is presented in a sleek window display tin, making it an impressive gift. But be warned - its captivating design and feel might make you want to keep it for yourself!

Elevate your sensory experience and fidgeting needs with the Deteonator, the perfect blend of style, function, and tactile stimulation.

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