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Kaiko Silver Magnetic Fidget Rings


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Discover the Ultimate Fidget Sensation with Our Premium Finger Fidgets!

Are you someone who loves to keep your fingers moving and enjoys tactile sensations? Our high-quality fidget tool is designed just for you! It's a premium option in the market, boasting magnetic strips nearly double the size of our competitors, ensuring a robust and satisfying experience.

Selected for its superior quality and durability, our fidgets also feature a luxurious platinum silver finish, appealing to teens and adults who prefer an understated look.

The possibilities are endless with these fidgets! They're designed to fit over your fingers, allowing for endless patterns and movements. You can combine sets for an even more impressive fidgeting experience, spin them in your palm, or enjoy the click as they come together.

While not silent, these fidgets are a fantastic sensory tool for a variety of needs:

  • Emotional regulation and sensory input
  • Focus and concentration enhancement, making them excellent for study or work
  • Tactile awareness and desensitization
  • Hand function improvement, including fine motor skills, strength, and circulation
  • Active listening, aiding in increasing focus and attention
  • Reduction of unhelpful habits, such as nail biting or pen clicking
  • Substitution for sensory seeking behaviors in a more socially acceptable manner

Explore our range, including the Works kit & Hand Rollers, for a comprehensive fidgeting experience. Dive into a world of tactile satisfaction and functional design with our Finger Fidgets today!

     Not suitable for under 3 years of age.  

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