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Kaiko - Oil Slick Mini Cog


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NOT ALL COGS are created equal.  Our Kaiko Fidget cogs have 'next level' bearings & distinctly branded Kaiko so there is no confusion. In fact we have taken the original cog design and re-engineered the internal bearing, replacing it with a high performance one. If quality & performance over price is your preference, these will not disappoint.  These are small and super discreet.   Slight hum and vibration on high spin make this multisensory and pure awesomeness! 

Most who try the cog for the first time are surprised at how smooth and how long they spin for.  They have a super fast spin, soft vibration & slight hum which is amazing. Rolling the cog over hands and fingers gives great sensory input.

This spinner is compact and feels wonderful between the fingers. Rapid spin, which is super quiet yet very satisfying. The Cog fidget fits in a pocket and is very discreet. It is a quiet fidget, making it ideal for the workplace, travel or the classroom.

Please not that the OIL SLICK colour (rainbow finish) varies in appearance from cog to cog and even side to side of the same cog as each piece is individually treated to create the rainbow finish!

Oil Slick version approx 16 grams

ll the cog spinners are screwed together & may unscrew over time with use.  Its simply a matter of tightening them over time/with use.  Exposing the fidget to water may result int he bearing rusting which will impact function.  

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