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Chore Chart - Magnetic


This magnetic Chore Chart is a fun and interactive way to teach children about contributing to the family by completing household chores.

It's excellent for developing co-operation and organisation within a household AND a great way teach your children to be responsible for minor chores within their home environment.  

Responsibility and Accountability

Teaching kids to fit family chores into their daily routine, will further develop organisational and time management skills during the schooling years and beyond. Just think of the long term benefits that may be reaped from each of these vital life lessons, made simple and instilled an early age.

What’s Included?

Chore Chart

Chore Magnets

Chore Magnets

Magnetic Pen


The chart itself is a high quality magnet which should be attached directly to a metallic surface (eg. fridge, whiteboard, magnetic picture board). Each pack includes 1 Chore Chart, 72 chore magnets, 4 blank magnets, 4 photo frame magnets and 1 erasable, magnetic pen. 

How To Use It

The Chore Chart has space to allocate chores for up to three children. Use the magnetic photo frames to attach photos of each child down the left hand column. Along each child’s row, add specific chore magnets to the daily tags to build each child’s daily chores, or alternatively, chores can be allocated on a weekly basis using the “all week” column. With 72 chore magnets and 4 blanks (photo frame inserts) included in each pack, the most common chores are well and truly covered regardless of whether you allocate chores on a daily or weekly basis. The erasable, magnetic pen can be used for writing the family name in the title box, adding notes or even to assign a monetary value to each chore or each day of the week. At the end of each day, a tick can be marked on the chart if all chores are successfully completed, making the calculation of pocket money at the end of each week a breeze!

An excellent platform for developing co-operation, teaching responsibility & organisational skills or setting expectations and guidelines for earning pocket money rewards!

Over time, give the kids the responsibility of allocating the chores to encourage ownership of the process, promote accountability and working at a family team.

Finally the design and colors make this chart appealing to all ages, for children as young as 3, to those still in the family home in adulthood and beyond. 

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