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Building Blocks Umbrella


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Add some colour and fun to a rainy yucky day!

Our Building Blocks Umbrella combines sustainability and style to brighten up your rainy days! Crafted with a biodegradable PVC cover, this umbrella reduces plastic waste. The easy-glide safety runner ensures smooth opening and closing, while flexible fiberglass ribs provide sturdy support in windy conditions. Safety tips add an extra layer of protection, and each umbrella may feature unique prints, making it one-of-a-kind!

Key Features:

  • Biodegradable PVC Cover: Environmentally friendly material that decomposes naturally.
  • Easy-Glide Safety Runner: Effortless opening and closing for convenience.
  • Flexible Fiberglass Ribs: Reliable support and durability against strong winds.
  • Safety Tips: Ensures safe usage and prevents accidental injuries.


  • From tip to tip (1 panel): 27 cm
  • From tip to tip across: 67 cm
  • Length (Closed): 68 cm
  • From top to tip: 49 cm
  • Weight: 305.00 grams

Stay eco-conscious and stylish with our Building Blocks Umbrella—where sustainability meets functionality and fashion! 🏗️🌿 #BuildingBlocksUmbrella #Biodegradable #EcoFriendlyFashion #RainyDayEssentials


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