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Bellum Magica


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Master the Art of Darkness in Bellum Magica: A Strategy Game of Conquest!

Prepare to embrace your inner villain with Bellum Magica, an enchanting strategy game where evil reigns supreme. Assemble an army of mythical creatures, from cunning goblins to mighty dragons, and carve out your domain of darkness.

In Bellum Magica, your strategic skills are key as you:

  • Command a diverse range of creatures, each with unique roles within your realm.
  • Harvest resources and scout the lands to expand your dark kingdom.
  • Wage war against the realms of humans and rival players to assert your dominance.

Discover the thrill of amassing treasure chests and striving to become the wealthiest and most formidable evil overlord in history!

Game Details:

  • For 2–5 players, perfect for a group of friends or family.
  • Suitable for ages 10 and up, offering a challenge for both young and seasoned strategists.
  • Quick to play with an average time of 15–30 minutes, fitting easily into game night.

Step into the realm of Bellum Magica and plot your path to power, proving that sometimes, it pays to be bad.

Age 10+

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