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Australian Geographic Ant City


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Explore the Wonders of Ant Life with Australian Geographic Ant City!

Discover the fascinating world of ants with the Australian Geographic Ant City kit. Ants are among the most incredible pets you can keep - they're smart, strong, fast, and require very little care. This kit allows you to observe these tiny creatures as they excavate and construct their home right before your eyes using the special grit provided.

The Ant City kit includes everything you need:

  • Special excavation grit to encourage natural ant behaviors.
  • A dish and tools for conducting scientific experiments that are both fun and educational.
  • Full-colour instructions with real science activities to deepen your understanding and appreciation of ant capabilities.

You don't need to spend much on upkeep; almost any kind of ant works, and they're inexpensive to feed. Dive into the micro-world of ants and get ready to be astonished by the intelligence and abilities of these small, easy-care pets. Perfect for budding scientists and anyone curious about nature's little architects!

Age 6+

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