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Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are wonderful presents and gifts for often the youngest members of our family. 

Large brightly colourful and chunky pieces are fantastic for building fine motor skills and problem-solving... a puzzle with a tray enables children to slide pieces into place, giving them the option of rotating each piece to find its correct location.  Large chunky pieces can also become awesome additional play pieces, they can be played with outside of the puzzle board... for example, the farm animals puzzle pieces can stand on their own for impromptu imaginative farm play. 

Layered puzzles are fantastic for learning about sequence and order... for example, smaller pieces might be placed first, with the largest pieces often forming the top layer. Or perhaps pieces might be placed down in order to match numbers, shapes or colours. 

In this wooden puzzle collection, you will also find some awesome brainteaser puzzles such as Bunny Boo and Camelot JR and then leap forward to Star and Square Genius puzzles which are perfect for ages 8 to adults.