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Children's Room Decor

Fun, stylish ideas for decorating your child's bedroom.  From beautiful popcorn blue and Nuovo art prints.  From gorgeous night lights to mesmerising mobiles and music boxes.  Our Metallic Motion Lamps and Motion Lava Lamps with speaker, are great for those kids a little bit older.  For the child who loves everything about space, we sell a variety of Glow Stars, including some with unicorns, dinosaurs, fairies and stars and planets.  

Our 2 in 1 Globe Earth and Constellations Globe (from Brainstorm Toys)  will be a stand out in any bedroom.  The illuminated night globe shows key stars and constellations with their Latin and common names.

An advanced light sensor automatically turns on the LED illuminated whenever the room darkens, magically transforming the earth globe into a fascinating map of the stars