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Twist Up Game


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Guided by their teammates, players must recreate the model card, paying attention to the animals' positions and coloured backgrounds. Good communication is the key to success. 

‘Twist up’ is a team game that’s all about communication. One player in each team will be looking at a design on a challenge card and telling their partner where to put the animal cards to create a matching design. It goes without saying that the player positioning the cards won’t be able to see the design, and the player giving the instructions won’t be able to touch the cards!

Includes: 3 sets of 9 transparent animal cards, 3 sets of 9 coloured cards, 30 challenge cards.

Players: 2-4 players

Time: 15 minutes

Aim of the game: To be the first team to win 5 challenge cards.

A great team-building game for building communication skills. 

Suitable for ages: 6+ years

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