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Times Tables - Card Games


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Learning the times tables has never been so easy!

Using Colourful Learning TIMES TABLES you can teach your child the times tables in almost half the time…while having fun too.

Learning the times tables can be quite daunting however it is more important than ever to ensure your child knows them all by memory before attending Secondary School. Many children struggle with mathematics because they do not grasp the basic skills early enough in their school life.

Learning the times tables reduces the fear of mathematics as children become more capable and confident at solving problems. Times tables are the building blocks for understanding mathematics and will encourage children to explore numbers as they become more capable and confident.

Times table flash cards from Colourful Learning shows you the secret to learning the times tables faster and easier than ever before with a variety of fun and exciting games to play!

Colourful Learning Times Tables is fun, easy and exciting.

Ssshh….secret sealed inside!

Works well with Sight Words Level 1 & 2 card games

Over six games in one box!

• 288 Flash Cards
• 12 Times Table Boards
• 1 Progress Chart
• 1 Times Tables Poster
• Twelve Sided Dice (x2)

Incorporated games:
• Turn and Say
• Bingo
• Snap
• Flash
• Beat the Clock
• Roll ‘em out
• Knock Out

Suitable for ages 6 and up

© 2015 Colourful Learning - maths


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