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The Genius Square - Board Game


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We were lucky enough to find this game at the Melbourne Toy Trade Show and I got to play head to head with the distributor and I confess I was pretty chuffed as I was lucky enough to win... I don’t think he was letting me win either as I have been working on brain teaser puzzles in the shop for a little while now.


What’s interesting about this game is that unlike other brainteasers its the roll of the set of dice that determines how hard the challenge is.  This is a game where you can play as a single player however the fun begins when the competition kicks in and you to head to head with another play to finish first.


A worthy winner of the HPC Game Of The Year 2018/19 award, this outstanding puzzle game is every bit as clever as its name suggests.

Each player receives their own 6x6 grid and a set of the nine different shapes, plus seven blocker, pieces. Roll the seven dice together and place a blocker in each of the co-ordinates that appear on the faces. Now race to fill every other space on the grid, before your opponent.

As unlikely as it seems, the puzzles really can be solved in each of the 62,208 possible combinations, often with multiple solutions. Sometimes you.ll quickly see a solution... sometimes you'll be tearing your hair out. Brilliant! 

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