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The Snail ate the mail - Fun & Educational


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“The Snail ate the mail” is a children’s mystery, travel adventure book predominantly targeting 4-7 year olds..... many older children are also loving the book.

The story starts at the beginning of the week, with Chris and Bill receiving a postcard in their letterbox from overseas.

The mystery is created by the industrious efforts of the letterbox's resident hungry snail, eating part of the country of origin and senders name from each postcard.

While Chris and Bill may struggle to identify the country of origin, the beautiful illustrations depicting well-known icons and landmarks as well as map, flag and greeting from each country in question will ensure children have numerous clues to work out where the postcard is from.

This wonderful story has been written by Maxine Rennard, for whom we had the absolute pleasure to meet and wonderfully illustrated by Paul McKinnon.

There is just so much to learn from this amazing book and just a couple of the features include:-

* Hard Cover Book.
* Gloss coloured pages with texture and flip-out pages.
* Learning about tense... yesterday, today and tomorrow
* The correct way to address postcards / letters
* Learning about countries, their location, flag and major icons etc.
AND SO MUCH MORE... please watch both videos to find out lots more about this awesome book

Last night 24th of February I received some feedback from one of our teaching customers and she absolutely LOVES THIS BOOK!!!

AND Meghan W a speech pathologist, and many others took up our challenge to list all the different things a child could learn from the France/Paris page.

1.French language
2.French culture
3.French architecture
4.yesterday, today and tomorrow
5.past, present and future tense
6.irregular past tense (wore)
7.Letter writing
8.Letter addressing
9.Addresses and post codes
12.Inferencing (figuring out the location from the written clues)
13.Map reading
16.First person narrative
17. Silent letter in Beret
18. The texture and cut edging of the paper used etc.
19. Cost of stamps
20. Transportation
21. Clothing in France AND LOTS MORE

To learn more about the author and for activities check out


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