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String Bag - Long Handle


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The string bag takes us back to the original and most classical shopping bag. So practical, beautiful and natural. Its flexibility makes it perfect for small or large purchases. The unique stretch of our string bag enables it to hold up to 7 kgs of produce. Yet it is lightweight and portable - it can fit into your glove box in the car

This is an elegant variation of our natural string bag. The coloured handle, naturally dyed, adds a unique quality to this bag, that cannot be felt using chemical dying.

The names of our colours are often inspired by the dyestuff itself. For example Turmeric is dyed with turmeric root, Paprika with extract from dried capsicum. Or the names are inspired by local Indian ingredients such as Rock Salt which is named for Black Himalayan Salt (not the more popular pink variety). 

So practical, beautiful and natural, its flexibility enables it to hold up to 7 kgs of produce. And so portable it can fit into your glove box in the car.

  • Plant-dyed using natural plant extracts

  • 25 cm long handle, perfect for carrying by hand or over the shoulder

  • Size 34 cm H x 38 cm W

  • Holds up to 7 kgs of produce or other goods

  • Very portable, designed to fit into your hand bag or glove box in the car

Our string bags make a wonderful gift or can be used as a useful gift bag.

GOTS Certified Organic - Packaging made from recycled cotton

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