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Slackers – Ninja Rope Ladder 8′


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Personal note ... OMG this ladder has done wonders for Williams core strength!!!

Before we had it I confess he couldn't climb up the chain in the school playground... sounds terrible I know, however we don't have a big block and he's not all that keen on ball sports.  HOWEVER this ladder is a totally different matter... yes the boys fight over it and we have to use the 5 minute timer but this is far out weighed by the fact he can now climb up the chain and his confidence as soared.

I've found him doing chin ups and even just swinging works his core strength because it's not fixed at the bottom, as soon as he starts to play his body is working straight away... and yes he runs and jumps on to it every day before school and amazingly as soon as he gets home as well. 

Builds coordination, strength and balance on this classic 8' (2.4m) Rope Ladder made with high performance polyethylene rope.

Loop attachment goes around tree without any hardware needed. Solid wood dowels.

Suitable for ages 4years+

Max weight recommended: 90kgs


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