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Sight Words I Spy Bags


Sight Words I Spy Bags are simply fantastic for teaching high frequency sight words.... at home or when you're on the road, these Sight Words I Spy Bags really do make learning fun.

Within these new educational I Spy Bags, children can find 40 different high frequency words using the colour coded card as a guide. The words are double sided to make it easier.

On the reverse side of the card is another word list in alphabetical order (not colour coded for an extra challenge) as well as extra challenges for further extension.

These would be a fantastic literacy activity in a lower primary class, either as a quiet individual or paired activity, or as a group with multiple I Spy Bags.

They are very tactile with cotton on the front and corduroy on the back.

Included is a set of laminated flash cards with a list of more activity suggestions.

They are approximately 16 cm square.

PRE ORDER please allow 7 to 10 days for shipping... these are handmade products cutting on the sewing machine.

DISCOUNT AVAILABLE for orders of a full set of Sight Words I Spy Bags Normally $165.00 discounted full set price is $155.00.
To order the discounted full set select last option in the drop down menu - Full Set Discount.

The I Spy bags are available in 5 different levels (1 to 5) which have a different 40 words in each with varying challenges. Oxford top 100 high frequency words.

Level 1 word-list: the, and, I, to, a, was, it, my, we, in, he, they, went, of, said, on, so then, she, is, had, there, you, that, but, got, when, one, were, for, her, at, day, with, me, up, all, mum, his, go

Level 2 word-list: out, have, because, home, are, saw, came, time, house, called, get, as, like, back, after, going, him, what, be, dad, not, do, them, two, school, some, this, did, next, ran, could, very, from, into, can, their, will, an, about, played

Level 3 word-list: people, down, no, big, just, our, off, didn’t, put, friends, am, would, see, once, little, play, if, name, night, found, I’m, started, really, first, bed, again, know, other, now, took, lived, it’s, later, your, over, who, by, dog, fun, looked

Level 4 word-list: don’t, girl, door, want, made, man, too, morning, boy, come, good, where, asked, best, friend, us, game, water, car, how, three, brother, lots, only, old, room, something, away, has, find, woke, yes, family, suddenly, happy, told, everyone, or, thought, food

Level 5 word-list: around, heard, long, upon, well, more, named, look, birthday, playing, make, sister, still, ever, eat, wanted, inside, five, here, won, why, also, ate, every, outside, way, let’s, dark, last, new, scared, another, opened, until, couldn't, world, sleep, think, walked, years

***This is an original idea from Lolli Poppits.

Copyright Belinda Lamb 2015***

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