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Sensory Liquid Tube Set of 3

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Sensory Liquid Tube Set of 3


I remember seeing something like this when I was a child and they captivated me, watching the liquid make its way to the bottom.

Forget the standard egg timer these are great for using as a timer for activities or daily routines, they each feature coloured liquid that when the tube is turned creates bubbles that spiral to the bottom.

Spirals takes approx 8 minutes to complete.

A fantastic resource that can be used time and time again, enhancing concentration skills and will have a calming effect on active children.

Spirals each measures 15 x 5cm.

Minimum Recommended Age 2 years+
Curriculum Mathematics

REPORT FROM THE TEACHER - Robyn South Australia

My whole class love them. I set them around the room during relaxation time. Some kids just sit there and watch them. We also used them today like talking sticks. Once the gel settles, the group had to move on to another task. It was a non intrusive timer. Egg timers can be loud which makes the kids get loud. These seemed to keep the groups calmer. They're pretty strong too - a little love from another class threw one yesterday. It survived!



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