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Secret Decoder Wheel


Encouraging the kids to write and work on their spelling has never been this easy... AND the kids are going to have so much fun writing secret messages.

Using the same method as Julius Caesar, you too can now write secret messages to your friends. The handcrafted laser engraved wooden spy decoder wheel scrambles the alphabet so nobody can read your message except your buddy with the special code.

To make the message even more undecipherable, these sets now come with an INVISIBLE UV PEN !

Perfect for the wee spy in your life. Spin the wheel, set your code and start writing. Write messages,

Kit contains:
Wooden Decoder Wheel (larger wheel 8cm in diameter)
**note: Note book colour is a combination of either cream, black or aqua. Colour will be mailed at RANDOM

80 page Spy Notebook (80g/m)

Spy Decoder Instructions - how to encode & decode your message

**BONUS Invisible ink UV Pen ready to write your first code!**

Suitable for ages 7+ years

Designed and handmade in Perth, WA.

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