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Rock Paper Switch


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ğŸŽ² Rock Paper Switch by Mindware: Capture your way to victory in this exciting strategy game that blends chess concepts with the classic rules of rock-paper-scissors! 🪨📄✂️ Switch tiles can turn the game in a single move, making every turn a thrilling challenge. Perfect for developing big picture thinking and strategic planning! 

Rock Paper Switch is an easy-to-learn, engaging strategy game that combines the tactical depth of chess with the simple, timeless rules of rock-paper-scissors. Players must capture their opponent's pieces while navigating the board and adapting to sudden game-changing switch tiles. Ideal for introducing players to the world of strategy games, this game sharpens strategic thinking, complex planning, and improvisation skills.

  • Easy-to-Learn: Quickly grasp the rules and start playing.
  • Chess & Rock-Paper-Scissors Combo: Unique blend of two classic games.
  • Strategic Depth: Encourages big picture thinking and strategic planning.
  • Switch Tiles: Adds an element of surprise and improvisation.
  • Multiplayer Fun: Suitable for 2 to 4 players.
  • Complete Set: Includes 60 pawns, a gameboard, and instructions.
  • Perfect Playtime: 30 to 45 minutes per game.
  • Develops Strategic Thinking: Enhances ability to plan and execute complex strategies.
  • Improves Problem-Solving Skills: Encourages quick thinking and adaptability.
  • Fun & Engaging: Keeps players entertained while learning valuable skills.
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up
  • Play Time: 30 - 45 minutes
  • Players: 2 to 4 players
  • Contents: 60 pawns, a gameboard, and instructions

Capture, switch, and strategize your way to victory with Rock Paper Switch by Mindware!

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