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Poetry for Neanderthals


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📜🤣 Step into the world of prehistoric poetry with Poetry for Neanderthals—an uproarious party game that will have your family in stitches! 🦴💬 Similar to Taboo, players earn points by cleverly guiding their teammates to guess words and phrases. But here's the twist: "Neanderthal Poets" can only use single-syllable words. If they slip up and utter a multisyllabic word, get ready for some inflatable club action! 💥🏆 The team with the most points at the end wins the game!

Key Features:

  • Family-Friendly Fun: Suitable for all ages, making it perfect for family game nights or gatherings with friends.
  • Quick and Easy to Play: Learn the rules in just 5 minutes and enjoy 15 minutes of uproarious gameplay.
  • Versatile Player Count: Suitable for 2 or more players, ensuring everyone can join in on the laughter.
  • Complete Set: Includes everything you need for endless fun, including 200 cards, a sand timer, game boards, poetry journal cards, and even an inflatable club!
  • Hilarious Illustrations: Enjoy side-splitting artwork by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, adding to the laughter and entertainment.
  • Double-Sided Cards: With 400 clues in total, enjoy maximum replayability for countless rounds of fun and laughter.

Get ready to unleash your inner caveman poet and embark on a hilarious journey through prehistoric wordplay with Poetry for Neanderthals! 🎉📚 #PoetryForNeanderthals #PartyGame #FamilyFun #LaughOutLoud

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