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Pass The Word


Contents: 17 word cards, 67 letter cards, 1 sand timer Object To collect the most completed word cards. 

To play:-

• The word cards are placed in a central pile, face downwards. The letter cards are spread face downwards on the table.

• The youngest player begins by taking a word card and turning over the sand timer.

• They then turn over a letter card in order to try to spell out the word on their card. If it is a letter they do not need, it is returned to the table, face downwards. If the player’s word is ‘dog’, they must turn over the letters ‘d’, ‘o’ and ‘g’ in that order and start to link the letters into the word card.

• If the player completes a word before the timer runs out, they keep this word and take the next word card from the pile to try again.

• When the sand timer runs out, the player must pass their unfinished word to the next player who resets the sand timer and tries to complete the word.

• The game continues until all the word cards have been completed. The winner is the player who has completed the most word cards when the pile is used up.

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