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Fauna Noah's Ark


This beautiful Ark has four components. The ark made of oiled alder, the three decks made of plywood, all three replaceable, 15 animal figurines made of maple, and one linen sack. 

The animal figures are 2cm thick, and all can stand independently.  
This toy-family comes in an environmentally friendly linen sack to make sure that even small accessories (the animal figurines) do not get lost.

A great advantage of this ark is that it lends itself to several ways to play with (puzzle, 3D colouring toy, shape recognition, roleplay, and balancing game) each developing different skills/abilities.

A child can try to put the animals back inside the ark through the decks of different colour, developing shape recognition through play
The red deck has the negative for farm animals, the green for forest animals, and the yellow for zoo (African) animals.

The figurines are not treated with either oil or lacquer. Paint it with watercolour or tempera.

If you hide 3 or more figurines in the linen sack, you can play an exciting game reaching in the sack, and recognising the animals without seeing them.
Building a tower of animals is great fun, 3-4 children may play at a time. 

Or simply for imaginative fun filled play.

Dimensions: 31 x 15 x 10 cm

Age group: 3 and above

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