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Pocket Money Maths Chart - Magnetic


This Pocket Money Maths rewards chart specifically links responsibility with monetary reward whilst incorporating maths into the weekly pocket money process.

Responsibility and Accountability

Pocket money is a great way to develop your child's understanding of monetary value, it also encourages financial awareness and promotes maths as part of everyday fun!

This chart is also a wonderful way to encourage kids to help around the house by fitting chores into their daily routine. This is also great for helping to build and develop organisational and time management skills during the schooling years and beyond.

Just think of the long term benefits that may be reaped from each of these vital life lessons, made simple and instilled an early age.

What’s Included?

1 Pocket Money Maths chart (soft rubber magnet), 37 pocket money magnets & 1 dry- erase marker pen.

Size 39cm x 27cm approx 




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