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Nature & Adventure Games - Mission Space-Card Game


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A series of Adventures which involve you in the search for the mythical Jonah Expedition which vanished 20 years ago. Be the first to recover all of the clues left behind and as an experienced explorer, you will have to prove your agility and insight in order to overcome the trials and tribulations that confront you along the way. The adventure continues - deep in space! Your investigation of the disappearance of Doctor Jonah and his expedition brings you to the other planets. Aborad a space ship, at the wheel of a moon buggy or in a space base control room, your journey is sure to be full of ups and downs! You have to go ahead with unidentified objects and avoid the numerous traps waiting for you along the way, because only the most courageous will be able to uncover the true secret of the Jonah expedition! Each adventure can be played individually, but the greatest secret will only be revealed when you meet the challenges in all 3 adventures. Contains hexagonal illustrated game board, 42 expedition cards, 39 challenge cards and other game components, and like all Bioviva games, is fully made from recycled materials and non-toxic vegetable dyes!

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