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Mushroom House - Fairy Kit - with fairy

There is just something magical about Fairies and a Mushroom house that will capture the imagination of children and those young a heart.

This amazing kit will bring hours of play and stories to your home, we simply love inspiring children's imaginations.

Handmade in QLD, this very talented mum's creativity and attention to detail are incredible.


Glow in the dark lamps, flowers, stepping stones and window!


1 clay fairy house; built around a glass bottle, removable lid, window glows in the dark, painted dots, approximately 4.5cm tall
3 clay mushrooms on copper stakes for support
1 grass mat; 13.5cm x 9.5cm
1 bag of white pebbles
1 bag of coloured stones
2 lamps
4 large artificial white daisy's
4 small plastic flowers, middle glows in the dark
3 stepping stones, glow in the dark
1 pair of fairy shoes
1 wishing stones
1 key charm
1 wooden lady beetle
1 bag of fairy treasure (random trinkets...fairies love to collect treasure!)
1 fairy

As these are handmade your kit may vary very slightly (regarding shape and placement on the house mainly) than shown in the photos.

About the glow in the dark; as with most glow in dark products they will need to be charged with a strong light source to make them glow brightly. A torch is good, shine for 30 sec or so and watch it glow...

NOTE; only the fairy in this kit will fit into the house, as the wings are wrapped around.

Items are weather proof, but suggest finding a sheltered patio position as severe UV and rain will fade a mess up your wonderful out for pets too.

House can also find a home inside as a trinket jar.

RED SPOTTED BOWL is for display purposes only :-)

WARNING: NOT for under 3 years, contains small pieces - use with supervision.

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