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Lolli Poppits

Laminated Travel Games Set


Great entertainment for those long driving holidays because the fun begins when you pull out of the drive!.... Not to mention plane trips and so much more.

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED, just their wonderful minds :-D

Set includes:

24 laminated travel game cards (Lolli Poppits designed),
2 different coloured whiteboard markers (colours may vary from shown),
a cleaning cloth (colour may vary from shown),
wooden clipboard (17x24cm),
and handy drawstring back for easy storage.

Cards can be wiped clean and used over and over again.

Cards include both single and multi player games, and include:

Spotto cards x 2, Battleships cards x 2, Break the Code, Car Colour Race, Paddocks, Mr Squiggle, Making Words, Sudoku, Don't Eat My Apples (similar to hangman but more friendly!), 5 in a row, Tic Tac Toe, Travel Bingo x 2, Circles, Magic Maths Tricks x 2, Math Puzzles, Spotto A-Z, Space Wordsearch, Maze Craze, Grid Pics & Create Your Own Maze

Supplier: Lolli Poppits

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