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Icy Pole Covers Personalised - sold individually


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Keep your icy poles cool, without freezing your fingers AND save the paper towel for other messes!  

These personalised icy pole covers are perfect to use.  They come in a range of gorgeous colours and no one will fight over whose is whose with their names printed on them.  

Machine washable, names are printed into the fabric in black.  

Use your name, nickname or something unique (Yum, Mine, Friend!) whatever you fancy. Perfect for zooper doopers or any other icy pole brand.

Material - Scuba wet suit fabric

POSTAGE... a tricky small business balancing act. Our little shop contains many products in all different shapes and sizes.  In previous years our postage had multiple options which customers could select... for example "watches only" etc.. unfortunately many customers selected the incorrect option and there was much confusion :-(.   Upon seeking feedback from our customers and the facebook community re postage, everyone requested that we change our website to offer "flat rate" postage instead of scaled postage.  After much research looking at other websites, I found that 99% of other online shops offered a flat rate postage and I decided to bite the bullet and changed our shipping to flat rate.

It's now the end of December and looking at my P&L, I take a gulp knowing that I've lost nearly 5K in just postage costs...not including wages for our awesome staff, that work hard  packaging every ones orders.  Thank you so much for reading this little message and your understanding.  

Kindest regards  Helen

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