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Fold It - Think Fun

Fold It - Think Fun


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This is most certainly a brain teaser.... there are some cards which are easier then others and it gave Emma and I a run for our money.
Basically you fold the cloth so it shows only the Order shown on the card and your goal is to cook/fold recipes the fastest. 
When the Order Card is revealed, everyone starts cooking/folding at the same time. Each player takes their individual Recipe Cloth and folds in it such a way that it only shows the items displayed on the Card.
When you finish cooking an Order, quickly grab a Fold-It Token. When there are no more Fold-It tokens remaining, the round is over. If you made the wrong Order or did not grab a Fold-It Token because you were the last to finish, you have to discard one of your three Star Tokens.
Once a player loses all three of their Star Tokens, they’re out of the game. Be the first player left with Star Tokens and - YOU WIN!

Skill: Logic and Problem Solving 
Age: 8 and up  
Players: 2 up to 4 players

  • 4 Recipe Cloths
  • 3 Fold-It Tokens
  • 12 Star Tokens
  • 42 Order Cards (Basic & Advanced)

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