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Flying Monkey


Sling shot this super flying monkey into the air and watch him soar, up to 15m. But the best part is when he lets out his real-life monkey screech as he flies through the air!

Have fun and learn about trajectories and projectile motion at the same time.

Age: 5 +

What you get
Plush Flying Monkey. Non-replaceable batteries included.
How does it work?

The arm’s of this caped crusader are made of stretchy rubber, just like elastic bands they store energy when stretched and when released propel the monkey forward. As he soars he lets out a loud monkey scream. Very funny! Non-replaceable batteries inside the monkey are responsible for the sound. We have used this masked super monkey during our science of toys science incursions to teach the difference between stored (potential) energy and movement (kinetic) energy. It always has the kids laughing as well as learning. Use with older children to teach movement and trajectories.

Science of toys – energy and movement.
Trajectories and projectile motion.
The difference between potential (or stored) energy and kinetic (or movement) energy.
Repeatable mechanical deformation.
Material science – uses and properties of natural rubber. How is rubber made?

To launch your flying monkey, put two fingers into his gloves, aim to the sky, pull back and let go. Watch him fly! Pull tab to activate sound.
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
CAUTION: Do not aim at people or pets.

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