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Owl & Frog

Felt Worry Doll


Does your child struggle with worry..... these little Worry Dolls might just make all the difference and they are perfect for children who find it hard separating from mum and dad when school starts.

Little saying on the card says. "Tell me your worries before you go to sleep, place me under your pillow and when you wake your worries will be gone....."

A little friend in their pocket keep them company when they are worried or a someone to chat to when they just need to talk and are not yet ready to talk to mum or dad.

AND... we are told by a fan that they work miracles when it comes to monsters under the bed!!

Size: Dolls measure approx 9cm x 6.5cm approx

Supplier: Owl & Frog

POSTAGE - due to the size of the little head being greater than 2cm these little dolls need to be posted in a 500gm postage satchel... recommend making the most of the satchel with a couple more goodies. :-)

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