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Easyread Time Teacher Watch - Blue Red Face


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Introducing the perfect first watch for children, designed for simplicity and ease of learning. This special timepiece is not just for kids; adults can join in too, thanks to a versatile band that can be swapped for an adult's size. It's the ideal watch for everyone in the family to enjoy and understand time-telling.

Master time-telling in three easy steps with our learner-friendly watch:

  1. Understand the Clock's Sides: Begin by explaining that the clock has two sides - 'minutes past' and 'minutes to'.
  2. Read the Minute Hand: Look at the long hand to read the number it points to, then identify whether it's pointing to the 'minute past' (green side) or 'minutes to' (pink side).
  3. Read the Hour Hand: Finally, observe the short hand and read the number it points to.

For example, if the long hand points to 8 on the pink side and the short hand points to 2, it's "8 minutes to 2." Practice this routine until time-telling becomes second nature.

Our watch is designed for children aged 5-12, making it a durable and lasting educational tool. It's water-resistant and comes with batteries installed, ready for all the adventures of learning. The strap measures 215mm, suitable for smaller wrists, but can be adjusted to 285mm for adults. The casing is a convenient 33mm in diameter, with a clear and readable face at 28mm diameter.

Choose your colour and embark on the journey of learning to tell time with ease and style!



Contains Button Battery

Button batteries can cause serious injury if swallowed or placed inside any part of the body. Keep batteries away from children whether new or used . Dispose  of used batteries immediately. If you think that the batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.

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