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Easyread Time Teacher Watch - Rainbow Face


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Introduce your child to their first special watch, designed for clarity and ease of learning. It's a significant milestone in a child's life, and we understand the importance of an easy-to-read display. Not just for kids, this splendid watch comes with an adjustable band, easily extendable to fit an adult's wrist, ensuring no one is left out of the fun.

Engage with time-telling through three simple steps, making learning both fun and interactive:

  1. Identify the Clock Sides: Start by teaching the concept of 'minutes past' and 'minutes to' on either side of the clock.
  2. Interpret the Minute Hand: Observe and read the number where the long hand points, noting if it's towards the 'minute past' (green side) or 'minutes to' (pink side).
  3. Understand the Hour Hand: Look at the short hand and recognize the number it points towards.

Practice this routine, such as "8 minutes to 2," progressing until it becomes second nature for your child to tell the time.

Perfect for ages 5-12, this watch is a durable and essential tool for every young learner. Featuring water resistance and pre-installed batteries, it's ready for all the challenges of daily life. The strap is thoughtfully sized at 215mm to fit smaller wrists comfortably, with the ability to extend up to 285mm for adults. With a 33mm diameter casing and a 28mm diameter face, the watch ensures easy visibility for quick learning.

Step into the world of time with confidence and style with this adjustable, easy-to-learn children's watch!


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