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Aeroplane Night Light - Snow Globe


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✨ Say goodbye to bedtime battles and hello to sweet dreams with our enchanting Snow Globe Night Light! ✈️ Designed as a whimsical snow globe featuring an adorable character in their trusty aeroplane, this night light isn't just a bedtime accessory – it's a ticket to a world of tranquility. Picture soft, glowing light gently illuminating the room, while shimmering glitter dances around, creating a comforting cocoon of calm. ✨

Children will feel snug as a bug with this magical globe by their bedside, providing a sense of safety and relaxation as they drift off to dreamland. Plus, with a handy timer that automatically switches off after 45 minutes, it's worry-free for both kids and parents.

Presented in a stunning illustrated keepsake box, it's not just a night light – it's a precious treasure.

Suitable for ages 3 and up, because dreams know no age limit!

🌙 #SweetDreams #NightLightMagic #BedtimeBliss

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