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Mini Bricks Constructor Set - Two Towers


These Two Towers will make an awesome start to your protecting your village or castle and they look amazing!

This is not your normal toy... you have a choice, you can follow the instructions and assemble the model or perhaps surrender to a creative impulse.

Once complete you can't help but smile, its a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, similar to completing a puzzle or a lego set. 

Designed to develop:-

* fine motor skills

* spatial thinking and logic;

* concentration and attention to detail.

In this box you will find everything you need to assemble the model, with bricks left over.

Each block can be easily joined together with glue (included)... the glue is a pva glue.

BEST PART... the model can be disassembled, just leave it in water for 30 minutes and it comes apart and the blocks can be used again or put away for another day.

Measurements 160mm H 180mm W  70mm D

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