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Childrens Mini Bongo Drums


Mini Bongo Drums are a fantastic way to develop a child's a sense of rhythm and beat not to mention they are FUN!!! All drums with a natural skin such as these should only ever be played with by hand NO BEATERS as they will damage the skin.

Benefits of Music (source The Music Room) 
Singing, moving and playing to music during your child’s early years will give your child a head start. During these formative years when the brain is highly active, music is a powerful “superfood” that will stimulate your child’s growth and development.

Music benefits the following key aspects of life: 
* the thinking process 
* language development 
* control and coordination of body movements 
* spatial orientation 
* social interactions 
* development of self-control 
* development of self-esteem 
More information on Benefits of Music can be found

DADI - Tunable mini bongos. 
Durable plastic 4½” & 5" coloured shells with in-built feet and natural hide heads. 
Black comfort curve rims and tension rods. 
Coloured carry box.



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