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PINCH ME.... holly cow... its my birthday and I've just signed a Heads of Agreement to take on a lease for a SHOP!

As you guys know my house is .... well to be honest its NUTS... boxes everywhere and girls stepping over each other to get orders out and Oliver now 2 is trying hard to "help". (My brothers think its a circus, they even have a theme song for me... I confess I don't know any different now)

A lease has come up for a shop down in the local shopping strip and the long and the short of it is... I've just paid the rental deposit.

To say that I'm feeling just a little bit sick might be an understatement. I know its time, the accountant says he doesn't know how I'm still sane and perhaps I'm not... hmmm must think on that.

I'm now facing a massive shopping list to out fit the shop.. GULP.
Its 900 and 99 little things to make it work.

I'm going to hold on for dear life as this year is certainly going to be interesting.

I keep thinking to myself BE BOLD, BE BRAVE... followed by... suck it up princess, it's totally do able

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